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Latest Prices:

  • Valore Aprile 2013  ( 11.770 )
  • Valore Top Brand Giugno 2014  ( 11.330 )
  • Obiettivo Performance CLASS A  ( 10.000 )
  • Obiettivo Performance CLASS B  ( 9.750 )
  • Valore Smart Brand  ( 9.960 )
  • Smart Brand 2.0 Class A  ( 9.880 )
  • Smart Brand 2.0 Class B  ( 9.850 )
  • Unit Valore Marzo 2016  ( 10.840 )
  • Unit Valore Performance  ( 10.090 )
  • Unit Valore Novembre 2016  ( 10.090 )
  • Unit Valore Aprile 2017  ( 10.190 )
  • Valore Sostenibile  ( 9.870 )

Lawrence Life

Who we are

The Lawrence Life Assurance Company dac is an Irish authorised, incorporated subsidiary of Unipol Group.

 The Company develops Class III life assurance products for sales networks within the EU on a freedom of service basis. Our products are tailor made to satisfy the customer needs.

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Products On Sale


Unit Valore Performance is a Unit Linked product that gives the opportunity to invest in an Internal Fund made mainly by bonds with, in addition, a balanced exposure to commodities.

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Customer Service


If you have any queries about the products or services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Fund Reporting

Fund prices and performance

This section sets out information in relation to the value and performance of your products.

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This section contains information on our distributors.

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Our Products

The products offered by The Lawrence Life are divided into a wide range of insurance solutions which are designed to offer the customer maximum reliability and product diversification.

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